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This is a fun event! No matter what rank you are, everyone has an opportunity to compete and try their best to show their best! This is a great opportunity to meet other martial artists and build friendships in a positive competitive environment.​

The Super Challenge Sparring Spree is the second leg of a three-tournament series under The Blackbelt League. The three events are the Victory Cup (April 14), Super Challenge (June 8), and the Showdown (December 7). In certain divisions, students who place in the top 4 will earn points for their school, which are tabulated at the end of the tournament to determine the Champion school. The Champion school will win the Super Challenge Sparring Spree Champions Cup. The points also carry over to the next event (Lead By Example Showdown), where the school with the most points from all three events will get to display the Champions Flag until the end of 2025. The following is how you can earn points for your school: (Not all divisions in the tournament qualify for The Blackbelt League points tabulation. Please see the division list for more details.)


Pre Registration: Ends May 26, 2024


Competition Results

The following is how you can earn points for your school:

Why compete in the Super Challenge Sparring Spree?
Our event is SUPER organized.

Since all registration is processed online, we know a week in advance the exact number of competitors in each division and the schools they represent. We can address large divisions and divisions that only have 1 competitor.
In the latter case, we will notify pre-registered competitors before the tournament and offer a full refund, how many tournaments do that? The achilles heel of most martial arts tournaments is not running on time due to disorganization – we do everything we can to run on time.

The Super Challenge Sparring Spree is a Tae Kwon Do tournament with a sparring emphasis. Forms divisions will be offered to ranks red belt and up. The best thing about our tournament is that we eliminate the “one and done” most competitors face in a regular tournament if they lose their first match.

First we have a “practice” round before the real competition starts (bopper sparring only). Secondly, we run a “second chance” round for students who did not place in the first round (not offered to red belts and higher – forms are offered instead). Lastly, we will split the divisions by gender, rank, or height if there are more than 30 competitors entered in a division to keep the competition as fair as possible and provide a better opportunity for YOU to win a medal or trophy. Point sparring matches are also to 10 points with the introduction of a 3 point play (controlled kick to the head). The final match in advanced and Black Belt divisions are 2 minutes / total points with a 7 point spread.

This is an invitational Tae Kwon Do
competition to the students from the following schools:

Action Martial Arts
Black Belt Academy
Capitol Martial Arts
Jhoon Rhee Arlington​
Jhoon Rhee Falls Church​
Lead By Example Fair Oaks​
Lead By Example Great Falls
Lead By Example South Run
Legacy Martial Arts
Positive Impact Martial Arts
World Karate Fairfax
One Take Studio
John Chung TKD
Kidz Kick Karate
Karate Sports Academy
If you don’t see your studio, please email us at